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diagnose my TI please :)


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It's not booting.


That's all the diagnosis possible with the description of symptoms. :) Any picture on the screen?


For the beep to stop, the system has to get far enough to start running the GPL interpreter. That requires working RAM, working CPU, and at least partially working VDP/VRAM. So all we can say so far is you appear to have at least some power. There are three power lines (+5, +12, -5) that you need to check, good a place as any to check.


Socketted chips -- so the VDP and the GROMS? (And the clock, I think?) Is the beep stopped every time you power on now?

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Not even an initial noise? That implies it's not even powering on anymore. Check for crossed pins or backwards chips, or a disconnected power cable. ;)


Basically, on powerup, most chips reset, but the sound generator starts in a random state - this causes an initial noise that is unpredictable in volume and tone, but you're likely to hear it at least 2 out of 3 times.


Once the system begins to boot, usually within a second or so, the startup routine will mute the sound generator and end the noise.


Another second or so and the boot completes, and the system should display the title page with a short, crisp beep.

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