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HSC12 Round 19 Poll


5 games, 1 choice  

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    • Montezuma's Revenge
    • Cave Blaster +
    • Ransack
    • Bubble Trouble
    • Donkey Kong Jr

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Season 12 Schedule *reminder*

OK Guys, we will finish the season mid January so there are only a few rounds to go. As it's so close between McKong and myself I want to try and keep it fair:

Round 19 will be normal so 1 suggestion each for the poll (pick one form the games list or anything you wish to play)


Round 20 will be the best game never played in the HSC so thinking caps on for that one

Round 21 will be a combined Season 12 catch-up and improve scores round, plus Christmas bonus if I can find something

Round 22 will be the season finale so we'll come up with something fun? Yes fun :-D





Montezuma's Revenge

Last time we played the Parker Bros version as I though the Utopia Version was uncompletable but atarimania has a databyte version which was by Utopia software and may be ok so we'll check it out montezumas_revenge!.png

Cave Blaster+

Simple yet fun, a very nice game - though I did just prefer the original Caveblaster for some reason :)



Great shooter from the abbuc contest 2014. 7 levels 3 difficulty settings.


Bubble Trouble

Manic fun!


Donkey Kong Jr

Tricky platformer but still addictive


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Wanted to play Montezuma but had to vote for DK Jnr as it's one of my favourite games


Don't worry, I voted for "Montezuma's Revenge" for you. Donkey Kong Jr. would have been my second choice.


It's too bad that "Donkey Kong 3" never made it to any console or computer except the NES (I think). I went on vacation with my family in about '84/ or 85 and I played a mini-upright version of that "Donkey Kong 3" constantly; I always wanted a version for my C64. It doesn't seem many people remember or played this classic game. I also used to play the "Donkey Kong II" Game & Watch (which I owned) very often. That also never made it onto a home computer. Although, at least, it can be played on the Gameboy.


I'd be happy to play either game this round. Give me an Atari and a game and I'll give you a smile.


I still have to play the current round's game. It's terrible not having a real system setup. Trying to play Atari game using emulation with the cursor keys as a "joystick" on my old laptop works, uh, not well at all.

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