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wtb : Atari jaguar 3rd party controller?


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I was wanting a smaller controller than the big controller they have. thx


I'm pretty sure there was only the one third party controller produced (there's a topic here somewhere on AtariAge), and it didn't have a keypad and is generally considered quite poor overall. If you don't care for the stock Jaguar controller, I'd personally recommend the Jaguar Pro Controller. The ergonomics are far superior. The catch is the recent price point of it makes it more of an impractical purchase than it should be.

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I contacted the third party seller but has not reply back yet. I really don't like the jaguar pro controller.


That's unfortunate, because the Pro Controller (especially compared to what I consider a dreadful standard Jaguar controller) is among the best controllers made. If you don't like that, I can't see how you'd be happy with that poorly constructed third party controller. I understand it's smaller, but the precision is severely lacking.

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3rd party controllers really don't exist in numbers or as a staple to be considered an alternative. That 3-button whatever pad from Poland is supposedly junk, reported the few that actually received theirs. Seem to remember the guy running off with people's money. Correct me if I'm wrong about that or he made good on the sales eventually.


If you're not happy or do not like the Pro Controller for whatever reasons (cost probably), can't imagine you getting much enjoyment out of the system at all.


Guess you could either build your own adapter using a hacked VGA cable and some circuitry or mod your own SNES or Genesis pad. Maybe a Playstation pad. Adapters exist for them (2600/7800/Genesis) but not the Jaguar AFAIK.

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