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atari2600land's Blog - The San Francisco treat?


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Well, I went out and bought a Dreamcast game. I bought San Francisco Rush 2049. I haven't played it yet. It's running in my Dreamcast in demo mode. I just saw a Slim Jim sign and an AM/PM. Talk about your in-game ads. I also bought Legend of Mickey for Game Gear. I'm glad they both work, but I wanted to see that guy, so I came on a weekday and the other guy was there instead because it was Veteran's Day. So when I got home, I called my Dad and wished him a happy Veteran's Day. It's odd that there's no BGM for the demo mode in San Francisco Rush. You'd think they would compose some and put it in there. It's strange with it being silent. Here you have these beautiful graphics and it's silent. Doesn't really show off the Dreamcast that well. I pressed Start. There's some music on the menu. There's a web site option. I actually saw ChuChu Rocket's website when I clicked the website option. This one wouldn't let me. You know what would have been a good choice of music, right? Rush. Why not the 2112 song, too? Or Rush Limbaugh. But now I'm getting into politics. So I'll stop now.

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