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The following text is a description on how to do it and what parts that are required:

Atari 5200 4 port power mod

Parts needed:
Power jack 2.5 I.D. 5.5 O.D. (I think)
47uf Electrolytic capacitor 35v
.1uf Ceramic capacitor 50v (usually marked 104)
1N5391G Diode (NTE 5800)
Four inchs of medium gauge wire (probably around 18 gauge)

First you're going to need to remove a couple of components from
the board. They are: LB, a 2.7uH inducter located between the modulator
and soldered in RF cable; and C45, a 4700uf electrolytic capacitor
located just above the RF plug in socket.

Next, install the 47uf electrolytic capacitor in C45 where you removed
the other capacitor. Make sure to note polarity.
There should be two holes for positive at C45, install one end of the
diode at the positve hole you didn't use for the capacitor. I would
recommend installing the diode on the bottom of the board. Make sure that
the end with the band (cathode end) is soldered in at C45. Attach the
wire to the other end of the diode.

I have done this mod myself. There should be a thread in this forum with pictures, posted by me about five years ago, when I made that power mod on my AVES

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