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Galaga with MAME 0167


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Not sure if this is the right area to post this but...


I have been trying to run Galaga with MAME 0167 (latest version) but I get the below error. I can't seem to find the correct ROM to work with this version of MAME.


Anyone know where I can get it ?



20:58:36.079: stderr[#9]: 51xx.bin NOT FOUND (tried in galaga namco51)


20:58:36.079: stderr[#9]: 54xx.bin NOT FOUND (tried in galaga namco54)


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I think they split up the namco "roms" and CPU information. I don't recall the specifics, but you'll need to hunt down those 2 files. IIRC those are CPU or "logic" drivers? I found them in something xevious related IIRC.


I'm not at my emu computer. Maybe someone else can clarify? But I think you need to download them, treat them as roms, maybe in the bios section, or not.


PS the emulator forum might get you more responses. Meantime there's nothing to say you can't do multiple versions of mame.

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