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Street Fighter Alpha 3 on GBA question

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Hi there, this is going to be an odd one. I just got Street Fighter Alpha 3 for my GameBoy Advance and this website says I can play with original costumes but it seems to be below the header that says You must use difficulty Level 2 (JP) or Level 4 (US) to unlock the characters and options below:


I see it mentions

Original Costumes

To play as your character in their regular outfit, select your character by pressing L+B


I have tried everything I can to get this to work and the default costume always remains. I assume when they say I must use difficulty Level 4 then that means the four gold stars (out of eight) listed as Difficulty in the options menu, right?


Am I missing something here or can you actually not play in Original Costumes in Street Fighter Alpha 3 on GBA?

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