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Video Games For Christmas This Year?


Video Games On The Christmas List This Year?  

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  1. 1. Will You Be Asking For Video Games This Xmas?

  2. 2. Will You Be Giving Video Games As Gifts This Year?

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Nobody in my family games, nor has any clue what I want, so I buy homebrews for myself then give them to family members for safe keeping until Christmas... :P


I also got my best friend a cloned NES for his birthday last year (one of the Retrobit clones that's actually got decent audio, along with a real 1st party controller) and he has been slowly getting back into gaming. I got him a little something from Game-X-Change,

TMNT II: The Arcade Game


to go in his stocking for Christmas. Shhh, don't tell! :D

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I'm asking for and giving video games, just like every year. I doubt I'm getting any (I never do unless I buy them, wrap them, and write "From Santa" or something on them), except for a NIB red box Space Invaders for 2600 (I'm curious to see what kind of manual is in there; I don't think I've ever heard of a red-label version manual for Space Invaders).

But my brother's into '90s systems, so I got him a couple of Jaguar games (Val D'Isere Skiing and Checkered Flag, both CIB) and Jaguar AV cables, Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game for Saturn, and Primal Rage for 3DO.

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My maybe turned into a yes. LEGO Dimensions caught my eye while I was looking for gift ideas at Toys R Us. My roommate is a big LEGO fan, and getting bigger by the second thanks to all the LEGO bricks he gets to sort through when they come into the thrift store where we volunteer. His nephews also have some LEGOs they play with, so I figured that would be something the roomy and the boys could play with together. It's interesting all the different tie-ins they've released for Dimensions so far. There's even a Portal expansion.


And I got some games from my Secret Santa. :)

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I'm only 14 so... yes.


My wishlist includes:

A uIEC/SD for my C64

A Retron 5

Wizards and Warriors 3 (NES)


And... no, I won't be giving any games this year.

You're 14 and you have a Commodore 64?! That. Is. Awesome! There is hope for the future, after all! Lol!



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You're 14 and you have a Commodore 64?! That. Is. Awesome! There is hope for the future, after all! Lol!

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Yeah, I like me old games! :P I got all the things I wanted, and thanks to my uIEC/SD, I am currently enjoying some Boulder Dash.


Merry Christmas :D


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Surprisingly, I only got 2 PSP games from family gifts... I give you a big list of games I want, you don't buy them, then tell me I'm hard to shop for. I don't get it. Not that I dislike or don't appreciate what I got, mind you- I got some very nice stuff. It's just seems silly to me that I get told every year I'm the difficult one when they seem to be avoiding my biggest hobby. *shrugs*


Then there's my fiancé, who apparently wanted to re-live the year of the xbox with a generously dickish gift- he got me a PS4. Which is great, I did want a PS4.


I don't own anything that accepts an HDMI signal. The plan for 2016 was remodel closet, new tv, THEN PS4. So, the system is currently attached to my parent's TV while I scramble to do the other stuff. At least the plan was in place, I guess?

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I got a few cool items:
- Montezuma's Revenge (2600)

- NIB Space Invaders (2600, red box; contained gray-label version and b/w manual)
- Pigs In Space (2600)

- Final Doom (PSX)

- South Park (PSX)

- Super Smash, Poker, Raid On Fort Knox, Sea Wolf, Clowns, and Congo Bongo (VIC-20)

- Wii U Mario Maker console bundle + NES Remix (my inlaws are awesome Xmas gift givers! :))

I got my brother Street Fighter: The Movie (Saturn), Primal Rage (3DO), Val D'Isere Skiing & Snowboarding and Checkered Flag (Jaguar), and some Jaguar AV cables.


So it was a pretty gametastic Christmas at my folks' house this year. Technically I got South Park, Pigs In Space, and the VIC carts for myself, but if I want games for Christmas, I need to help my family out a little bit. :-D

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