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Fire Sale on rare Intellivision items! Learning Fun 1, Stadium Mud Bug. etc


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I found myself in need of some quick funds today so I am doing a fire sale on a few rare intellivision items to hopefully make up my shortfall.


I'll have these for sale just a short while at these prices, if I make up the money I need immediately, these will no longer be for sale right now or prices will go up on them likely.


Whoever gets me a pm first will have dibs, but ALSO a quick payment will need to be made as well to ensure that dibs.




So here are the items:



Learning Fun 1 loose cart, in excellent condition, tested today and loads perfectly immediately every time - $85




Stadium Mud buggies manual, no rips/tears or writing. Nice shape with 1 small spot on the front and light aging color - $35 SOLD

This is priceless if you have a boxed stadium mud buggies missing the manual, as these never come up solo! Complete it!


Rare INTV warranty card for the ONLY game INTV Corp. ever made for the NINTENDO! Really cool htf piece for the intellivision collector!

This is for the game Monster Truck Rally....this was Stadium Mud Buggies for the Nintendo!

Get it as a cool intellivision collector piece or to complete your copy of Monster Truck Rally! Nice condtion with 1 corner dogeared - $8 SOLD






Kool Aid Man, Box/Cart/Manual All in very good shape, box has no crushing, just light wear. Manual has no rips or writing. Cart tested today and loads perfectly every time. - $18 SOLD




All prices are without shipping, I would also be fine to trade the learning fun 1 cart for a loose learning fun 2 cart, but sales are my priority today!


thanks for looking!

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