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(CLOSED) WTB Atari 2600 dead consoles (CLOSED)


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I do not want to kill working 2600s but as collectors we sometimes have that pile of consoles hanging around for "parts" or "I'll get 'em working yet!" or whatever rationalization we use to keep them. :)


I would like 3-5 systems/shells of the same make. I don't care if they're 4-switch, 6-switch, vader, Tele-Games... just as long as it isn't a junior model. Let me know if you have any spares lying around and what you want for them.


For shipping costs the zip they're going to is 02893. Thanks. :)


Thanks for the help! I'm good! :)

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Well... can't you move closer or something??? ;)


I'll keep you in mind though. I may get desperate enough to pay a ridiculous fee on shipping.

For 5 consoles shipped i would be fine with $100. Would obviously be cheaper if the shipping weren't so high. Usps large flat rate as suggested above is about $15 per box and i would only be able to get one console in each box. I don't deal with ups. FedEx large package or usps priority for 5 consoles to your zip would probably be close to $35. These would all be 4-switch Woodys.





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