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New Atari Disk Image Tool


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A long time ago I had dumped a bunch of my old Atari 8-bit disks, but at the time I couldn't find a tool I really liked for exploring the content of these images, so I decided to write my own tool. Over time, as I got into other 8-bit related projects I added more features to the tool as I needed them and at some point porting it from the original VB.NET to C#. Eventually I realized that I had taken this tool so far that other people might find it useful so I decided to clean it up and make it into something I could release. By other reason for releasing this is to also provide a .NET library for Atari disk manipulation that others could use to create their own tools. To that end I built the tool with all the disk images code in a separate library and am releasing the full source under the GPL 3 license.


If anyone finds and problems or wants to suggest features please let me know. Here are some of the features if currently supports:


  • Supports XFD and ATR disk image formats
  • Supports DOS 2.0, DOS 2.5 and MegaImage file systems
  • View boot sector details and disassmbly
  • View sector data in ATASCII format
  • View disk directory even for disks with non-standard directory location
  • Add, delete and extract files from a disk, including extraction of all files at one time
  • View file contents in Hex or ATASCII
  • De-tokenize Basic files with ATASCII display, and extract in ASCII formats. Handles some forms of Basic file protection
  • View Syn Assembler files
  • View the sector map of a DOS disk
  • View the boot record of a disk along with the dis-assembly of the boot code

You can download the installer and source herE:



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