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help with creating a Demon Attack Cart image on Win994a emulator


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I'm having a problem. I'm using the Win994a emulator & am attempting to put together the Demon Attack Cart. But this site,


Game is in the middle of page as you scroll down

It only gives a .bin file but it will not allow me to attach it to the emulator or convert it to a cart format. & when I look on theoldcomputer.com


The images it gives me don't make much sense. Can anyone figure out how this is supposed to be arranged ? I need this for a video & any help would be greatly appreciated.

Any reccomendations for emulators, sites, or instructions on how to create the cart. I'm lost now. 0_0 Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Download these two.


Emulator Classic99, menu, Cartridge, User, Open..., choose "demnattc.bin" and you should be up and running.


Emulator Win994a, menu, Carts, Insert Cartridge..., Cart Creator, Title, Has GROM, Browse, demnattg.bin, Has 1st 8K, Browse, demnattc.bin, Create Cart, Choose cart and Insert Cart and you should be up and running.



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My Antivirus says this file is infected.

Google Chrome blocks downloads

Chrome automatically blocks harmful downloads that try to cause problems on your computer, like:

  • Giving you viruses
  • Leaking your private data
  • Changing your browser and computer settings
  • Adding unwanted extensions or toolbars to your browser
Why the download was blocked

Your file download may have been blocked for one of two reasons:

  • We think it might be a malicious, unwanted, or uncommon file.
    • Malicious: You tried downloading malware.
    • Unwanted: You tried downloading a deceptive piece of software. This program, disguised as a helpful download, may actually make unexpected changes to your computer.
    • Uncommon: You tried downloading an unfamiliar and potentially dangerous piece of software.
  • We've found that the website you tried to download the file from has been known to distribute malware.
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