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Old Coleco Factory in Amsterdam, NY


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Wow, ya... Thx for posting this... Definitely check it out on google street view... Nice! And actually, the neighborhood doesn't look all that bad... but what do I know.... Check out the neighborhood, the old homes are awesome!... man it would be cool to buy and fix something like that up... Hey we can pool our money together, buy up the whole town and call it ColecoLand!



Colecoland ~ A Retro Gaming retirement community!! :)

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I'm not a video game guy (although my son is....does that count?), but I was trying to answer someone's question about Coleco and came upon your photos. Thanks very much for posting them!


I am originally from that area and remember the glory days of Coleco. First because of the madness over the Cabbage Patch dolls and soon-after the Colecovision products. People were resorting to crime in multiple forms during the first big Cabbage Patch Christmas. You could count on something about Coleco being front page news every day that year.


The company had been around for many years, starting as the Connecticut Leather Company (Co-Le-Co......get it?) and was a major employer in that area. It seemed to all come crashing down with the Adam Computer. The unemployment rate soared as car dealers, clothing stores, and just about everyone else was dependent on the townspeople having jobs and, therefore, money to spend.


I'm sure I've seen those buildings in your photos, as I had to go into Amsterdam once in a while. I just don't recall taking note of them. The huge windows indicate that the buildings were erected prior to electric light being readily available. Although many were demolished in the 1960s, 70s and 80s, there are still a lot of the old factories around upstate NY. I haven't been back there in over two decades, but I recall a lot of them being declared historic and being put to new use.


Thanks again for sharing the pictures!



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Hi all, I'm back to just update this thread from years ago. I happened to be in Amsterdam today and decided to take another look at the good old coleco factory to see how it's holding up.


Unfortunately the remaining signs are deteriorating even more since I last posted. More graffiti as well. Sad.


On a lighter note I found the coleco house behind the building where apparently they had offices. Looks like a private house now, I've added an old picture for comparison.


There is also a beverage shop that moved into the factory...


Made me wonder if I could rent space in that factory to put together a museum arcade. How cool would that be? Too bad amsterdam is in huge decline. 












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On 11/20/2015 at 12:07 PM, tonyankyfan1 said:


How cool would that be? LOL A town full of arcades and video games 😃 A happy place.


The New York museum built a massive playable Donkey Kong arcade cabinet. Maybe one day someone can build a super size ColecoVision/ADAM computer that one has to climb up on to play with a 900 feet screen to look at with controllers so large one has to use both hands and arms to move. Enough large stuff like this being built means people might wake up and think they shrunk in size.




“With The Super Mario Bros. feature film releasing to runaway success, The Strong National Museum of Play in New York has revealed their gargantuan, nearly 20 foot tall Donkey Kong arcade cabinet. The original Donkey Kong game famously featured the first appearance of the plumber that would spawn gaming’s biggest franchise.”


“The arcade cabinet is fully functional, with guests being able to play the giant game with a regular-sized control panel located in the front. “


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