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Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog - Cruiz'in Retroism-Bubsy's Back! Novembe


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Today when I got home I get this message in my Atariage mailbox...

So here is what the link says:

LOS ANGELES, CA (November 15, 2015)Retroism, a publisher and distributor of classic and classically inspired games owned by Tommo, Inc., announces the revival of Bubsy…yes, that Bubsy!


Accolade’s most notorious character showed up on our doorstep, bedraggled and mumbling about being doomed to a legacy of shame and obscurity. But we’ve cleaned him up and given him a new lease on life, a shot at returning to the big time – but he’ll need the help of his fans! The wise-cracking Bobcat is now on Steam Greenlight, petitioning voters to help #SaveBubsy by supporting his triumphant return in The Bubsy Two-Fur, a new release of two of Bubsy’s best platformers for the first time in authorized digital download format.

“Bubsy represents an iconic addition to the platformer legacy of the 80s and 90s that was buried because certain Plumbers and Needlemice didn’t want to share the spotlight,” said Tommo VP of Business Development Michael Devine. “We’re pleased to bring back Bubsy and encourage all his fans to vote for him on Steam Greenlight – Save Busby and let him roam the world of Steam as his new Kingdom!”

Taking a slightly more serious approach, Tommo CEO, Jonathan Wan added, “In 2013 we acquired the Accolade brand and iconic game series such as Bubsy and Hardball, and we’re working hard to bring them to new audiences. Bubsy Two-Fur is just the beginning.”

The Bubsy Two-Fur has a planned retail price of $4.99 and will debut on Steam if enough fans vote for him. To cast a vote, follow the link below and help #SaveBubsy!

Steam Greenlight page for Bubsy Two-Fur: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=553404370

Retroism’s page for Bubsy Two-Fur: http://retroism.com/bubsy-two-fur/

About Retroism:

Retroism is a haven for timeless games, bringing classic games from all-time great brands and publishers like MicroProse, Accolade, Spectrum Holobyte, Atari, Infogrames and many more to today’s gamers on Retroism.com and through the hottest digital download sites like Steam, GOG.com, Amazon, Walmart.com and more.

Website: retroism.com
Contact: retroism.com/contact
Facebook: facebook.com/retroism
Twitter: @retroismgames
YouTube: youtube.com/retroismgames
Instagram: instagram.com/retroismgames
Pinterest: pinterest.com/retroism


That really is great news. Doesn't look like new material, but this get's Bubsy on another platform, and that is a great start.

Some reviews of this... (listening to this... holy cow this is depressing to listen to after a while...)

I installed Steam on my Mac, turned on steamguard and voted for Bubsy.

And here are the responses to this game so far, starting with my own.

I'm excited to hear this news and there were a lot of other people in the responses that follow that are excited as well. WELCOME BACK BUBSY!!

-Doctor Clu

u Just now

Great to see this happening! I've mentioned this on the Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog! http://atariage.com/forums/blog/234-bubsy-bobcat-fan-blog/

Arcanist Celestia Just now

The Cat must come back!

Q Just now



therealfluffydog 2 minutes ago

Fox McCloud 6 minutes ago

Finally these underrated gems are getting the recognition they deserve... will we get Bubsy 3D too, no joke, I'm hyped for this :D

(The rest of the comments are in the attached file.)
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