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That's it. I'm going to get those overlays printed tomorrow. No more putting it off. I'm also sick of the box of goodies and score pads just laying there. I want them gone. I want to release this game. I need a few beta testers though. A few people said they were interested so I sent them the instructions and I never heard back from them ever again. So now that I'm going to get the overlays made, I'd have made a big step to getting this game completed. There will be 15 copies at first. More will come if people wanted some but didn't get any. Again, the release date I want to plan on doing is Australia Day 2016 (January 26.) Again, I need some people to test my idea out. Please notify me if you're interested in doing so, have an Odyssey 1, and promise you won't disappear on me. I hate it when that happens. You get someone interested in what you're doing and wants to buy. You send them ordering info and you never hear back from them again. It happens more than you think. And I can still make Bubba's Buck Blastin' if someone needs that ActionMax game as well. I asked for a cheapie DVD player for Christmas. I am so sick of dragging the X-Box 360 in here whenever I get in the mood to play BBB. And when Capt. Bruce gets done, I'll devote more time to my next ActionMax game, "Nightmare Nemesis."

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