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Oddity in St. Nick emulation


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I have been playing the dogpiss out of St. Nick on both the TI amd on Classic99. I am noticing an issue when playing this on Classic99 that I cannot nail down.


Periodically, Santa will simply stop moving while the witch SPRITEs continue to move as normal. It is not when an incorrect toy is picked up or when Santa is hit by a witch, just at random times during the course of the level.


It is not ALWAYS an issue, either. Some sessions go off without a hitch while others are so plagued with these freezes that you cannot complete even the first stage...


This does not occur on the real hardware with the physical cartridge plugged in. It is seamless, fast, and without hiccups. I am wondering if there is something in the ROM that is causing this--perhaps it is some funny bit of code that is misinrerpreted somehow due to a bad dump.


I am using GAMES2 by Gazoo in emulation and the actual Funware cart on my TI. It has happened multiple times on theee different computers running Classic99.


Would someone mind running this game in Classic99 using the GAMES2 cart and (if you have it) also run it on real gear using the same GAMES2 cart? As I said, it is not ALL the time, but I would say one out of three gaming sessions I have to reset the emulator once or twice to get it to run properly.


I am curious...

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Seems to be JUST that game... Crossfire works fine. And when Santa freezes, it lasts for between 3-10 seconds... Just long enough to mess up the roll you're on. :)


If you guys don't mind a little more testing, could you try it out on Classic99? I am using the version JUST prior to the latest release, running on Win7 Professional on one computer and Win7 Enterprise on the other two.


Thanks for your help.

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I will certainly check later on for you. Right now as I write, im on an Acer Chromebook and I've checked out the St Nick game using Rasmus's JS99er ... I did not notice the freeze , the only time santa DID freeze, this annoying little green thing kept appearing and taking an age to do whatever the heck it is it does. I'll check on Classic99 on my windows box later on for ya .


Edit: Can anyone put up a cart image on here of the same image opry99er was using ?

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Ahh Retrospect... The game has a crazy premise.


Witches have invaded the North Pole and have turned Santa's Elves into mindless zombie slaves. They spread Santa's toys all over the workshop... Then the witches come out and try to stop Santa from collecting his things.


As Santa, you must pick up the toys in a certain order (on the left side of the screen it shows the order)... And all of one type of toy must be picked up before you move on to the next. Pick up the letters that spell SANTA and you get a time freeze where you can pick up any toy you want, and the witches are frozen as well. Clear the board of toys to advance. If you pick up an incorrect toy or get hit by a witch, the zombie elves come out and drop MORE toys, making your life suck.


Youre going against a timer. 3 failed boards and it is game over.



One note... Santa's head does not pick up toys... Because of the top-down/side view perspective, the Funware programmer decided to make the head region a 'safe zone' if you will.


You will need that info when you start collecting one type of toy and are trying to avoid another.

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Hi opry99er ... I just tried & failed


Games 2 downloaded from message #28, i just tried it now in Classic99 386 and 387, won't load for me ... cart name doesn't show , just says TI Basic.




I just tried this bin file and its works fine. I have not duplicated the freeze yet, but have only played it a few times. Will keep trying.


Retrospect, here are my settings for this cart...


name="Games Module2"



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Santa needs a way to kick those little elves in their little...


I can't get anywhere in this game. But I did reproduce the freeze. It seems to be spinning in the interrupt handler - there's a countdown that happens on interrupt and if the main code misses it, it freezes poor Santa. I made a small timing tweak to Classic99 and it seems less common, that'll be in the next release.


(edit: removed Al's video - can't find the official link and the one I linked was loaded with ads - just search.)

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Hi! .... Sorry I didn't respond more .... just to ask, the santa freezing / timing thing .... is that the same freeze that sometimes happens with some of my TI Basic games, every now and then the text will stop scrolling for about half a second or so and then carry on. Or is that just a natural TI occurance? :)

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