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C64 Emulators don't work. Yes, I know that is: "Out of Topic"

José Pereira

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Hi, yes I know that is "Out of Topic" but was passing here and thought in asking...

I am with trouble running CCS and Vice C64 emulators (the emulator window is in one completely white and on the other it only shows the other shows the window transparent over the others display):


I download DirectX like they said on CCS website but no way. I have this in Windows XP and 7 for months. Didn't bother to fix it.

I had Windows XP on my Tower and it always ran ok but about a half a year it crashed and I had to re-install it with a cd I had (not the previous one) and then this shit started (thanks that oursA8 emulators all run ok :)).

The strange thing is that near my house there's a public institute with free web acess and their computers with Windows 7 all have the same problem.

Anyone knows or ever got this?



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