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Your all time favorite Game Gear Games

Rick Dangerous

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Well....what are they?


Here are a few of mine:


Sonic Triple Trouble: One of the best Sonic Games I've ever played on any system


Streets of Rage 2: A brilliant 8 bit port of this game


Mortal Kombat 2: Huge characters, super playable, easily (for me) the best handheld port of this classic title


Jurassic Park: Great fun driving shooter and run and gun. They nailed it.


Fred Couples Golf: I love a good relaxing golf game, and this one complements Fred Couples golf on the 32x nicely.

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I've sadly never played much of my Game Gear... the screen ghosting on my system makes it entirely too hard to follow anything with notable motion in it (like Sonic games, of course.)


I've been wondering lately if this is something a cap replacement can fix... it'd be a good excuse to learn to solder and try my hand at game repair for the first time, since it would be relatively easy to replace if I screw it up.

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Never played one back in it's heyday, but I've been slowly collecting for it over the last 15 years.


Of the 39 games I've obtained, the best ones are:

Joe Montana Football

Land of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat II

Poker Face Paul's Solitaire

Shining Force: The Sword of Hajya


Shinobi II: The Silent Fury

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic Chaos

Streets of Rage 2



And some honorable mentions go to:

Bram Stoker's Dracula

Sonic The Hedgehog 2

Streets of Rage

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

True Lies

X-Men: Mojo World

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Defenders of Oasis - Fantastic Dragon Warrior clone. Growing up I didn't own too many games for the system, but I played this one constantly.

Shining Force: Sword of Haiya - I would have killed to own this back in the day. Still a great addition the series, but having the Sega CD remake renders this version pretty redundant.

Star Gate - I've never seen anyone else who liked this game. But it was one of my favorites as a kid. Just a fun not-tetris puzzle game with a strategic twist.


I also really wish Royal Stone, Sylvan Tale, and/or Final Conflict had been released in the US. If they had I feel that the Gamegear would have had a much stronger RPG library than the original gameboy.

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There are lots of great Game Gear games, but my favorite are based on existing series.


The Shining Force Gaiden trilogy

Wonderboy/Revenge of Drancon


Fantasy Zone Gear



I haven't finished some of the nicer import-exclusive RPG'ish games, so I don't count them. Otherwise they'd also make the list.

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Lots of cool selections in this thread, it's great to see the Game Gear library get some love! A few months ago I did a pass of the GG catalog and tried to give everything a bit of play, definitely found a number of new favourites. The following five really grabbed my attention:


Alien Syndrome - The best home version, IMO, and completely different from the rather mediocre SMS port. Since discovering how good this version is, it's become my go-to Game Gear title.

Baku Baku - As much as I love Columns, I find the takes of it on Game Gear to be kinda crummy. Baku Baku has got to be the Game Gear's premier falling block puzzler.

Fatal Fury Special - A very impressive effort and the most enjoyable portable 1-on-1 fighting game outside the Neo Geo Pocket Color. Samurai Shodown on GG is also top quality!

Galaga '91 - Hard not to have an instant affinity for this one as a big fan of Galaga '88 / '90, this is quite a lovely version of souped-up Galaga.

Psychic World - A surprisingly engaging platformer and a little different than the SMS version.

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Been a while since I've played the GG. Got one for the kids in it's prime. My favorite was Pinball Dreams and the golf games (sucker for that type :P ). I've had my two recapped but last I checked one has garbled screen graphics. Need to look into that....

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Baku Baku - As much as I love Columns, I find the takes of it on Game Gear to be kinda crummy. Baku Baku has got to be the Game Gear's premier falling block puzzler.


this one's okay, but i love the Saturn version. i still suck at it after all these years, trying to set up a mega-epic full-screen combo only to have the computer drop a bunch of crap on it.

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All of the Sonics (and Tails games) for the Game Gear


Land of Illusion

Joe Montana

Streets of Rage 2

Chuck Rock

Halley Wars

Road Rash


Jurassic Park

Cool Spot


I'm considering investing in a refurbished Game Gear along with the Everdrive GG.

To be able to play Gunstar Heroes, Aleste II, RIstar, and Galaga '91 is enough for me to want it back again.



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I'm considering investing in a refurbished Game Gear...


So am I.


I want the game system to hold and load carts into, but I don't want to worry about leaky capacitors and blurry/faded screen of 25 year old electronic innards.

As 3 game gears have taught me. I have one that only stay on for 5 minutes at the most if you let it rest for a week, 1 that has no sound, and one that I usually have to flick the power off and on for 30 seconds before it finally stay on long enough to make it to a title screen. Then she's good to go... unless I take a week or so off without playing it...


Anyone with a good modded Game Gear looking to make money, PM me.

By modded I mean AT LEAST replaced capacitors, but hey, why not go all the way and make sure I get a decent new screen with it, right?

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Guest LiqMat

Mage man!


Haha... I was like hunting youtube for this game I had never heard of called Mage Man. It sounded cool. Then I realized your typo. Damnit. Ok. Mage Man needs to happen now. lol

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The Game gear is one of my favorite hand held system...


My Favorite games for it


Arena maze of death

Sonic 1

Shining force: Sword of hajya

Ninja Gaiden

Mega Man

Halley Wars



And you definitely need one that has good caps to really enjoy the games or better yet with an upgraded LCD

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