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Chess in TRS-80 Basic


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The December 1981 issue of Creative Computing has a BASIC Program called Chess C.4, by Michael Rakaska. I believe that it may have originally been written for TRS-80 basic (judging by the mentions of CLOAD and some of the choice of print characters.)


Does anyone have more information about this? I'd love to play a version of this in an emulator, but tracking down collections of TRS-80 basic programs has proved fruitless. I considered typing it in, but the quality of scan I found is very poor)


Other Chess programs in BASIC (or with source code) for the TRS-80 would also be interesting...

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Alas, I have never seen such a thing.


TRS-80 Microcomputer Newsletter and, later, Hot Coco published versions of Go (or Othello, memory fades) for the Coco, but I do not ever recall having seen a version of Chess implemented in BASIC.


This website has a huge quantity of books containing listings of games in BASIC: http://www.bombjack.org/commodore/books-generic.htm Most look to be very introductory, but there may be something there about Chess.

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