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Ooohh....a new Rca Studio II clone that nobody knew, this is cool! =)


Could you tell which game is the first one on the left ? Because of the flash glare, it is very hard

to read the name of the game.


And great find! You should take pictures of each game cartridges for archival purpose.


Usually Conic or Sheen M-1200 game system are not much rare but this is the first time

i'm seeing one with the "Trevi" brand name. You should easely get 150-200 euros

for the whole lot (game system and games) and just the Pinball game is at least worth

50 euros minimum.

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@carlsson: You're right!


I've inverted the image and it reads: BIOR.... (space) ?AM??, which if you deduce that all the TREVI

has labels with M1200-xx as M1200 game systems so on the list of Conic/Sheen M1200 that game

would be: M1200-02 // Biorhythm Games.


Also, TREVI released a Pong console called the: Trevi Color TV Sport 406-6 which is a clone

of the Conic TV Sports 406-6 (just for fact).

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Hi to everybody,

I'm sorry for the delay in replying to you but I had some troubles at home.

You can see some more images of Trevi console at this link:



Some weeks ago, I phoned Trevi's company in order to get some more information about this item, but nobody remembers it, because the employees are too young. Only the president of the company remembers it and he has got the same console, but he doesn't find it anymore, since he moved to a new house.

I'd like to sell it. So, if you are interested in it....let me know.



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Hi Fabrizio_s,


Thanks for posting the pictures, especially it was an unknown RCA Studio II clone

until you shown us. =)


If you wanna laugh a little, the Trevi company in Quebec, Canada does sells pools

and accessories, check here: http://www.trevi.com/


If you don't get any offer, than i suggest to sell it on Ebay.it and ships worldwide.


--- Sly DC ---

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