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Xbox One disappointments


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So in a haste, wanting to play Fallout 4, I picked up the Xbox One Fallout 4 bundle on release day. I already have a 360, so it was a vote in that direction with the announcement of backwards compat. That, and I just freed up an HDMI port since I don't need my separate BluRay player anymore.




1. I'm disappointed you can't stream your music while playing games. That was one of the best features during marathon gaming sessions. I would just hook up my iPod, and it would play the first 1000 songs of it randomly. If the Ipod wouldn't connect(it was finnicky), I could just stream ripped CDs from the hard drive, or my Linux server downstairs. Not anymore.


Now I'm looking to see if I can multi-channel my A/V receiver's audio & play something else and turn the in-game music off.


2. Hey, let's play a South Park episode! Wait, why is it asking me for a cable provider? Okay. I'll just add in Xfinity or Comcast. Every single cable company in the world is listed but that one. Yet, I can use the Comedy Central Android app to push shows to my Chromecast. I don't understand. Ended up torrenting it.

3. Okay, I'll just right click on a file on my Windows 10 laptop, and stream it to the Xbox. Nope. It just played the audio with a black "loading" screen on it. After fighting with the UI for 10 minutes, I was able to play the episode off a thumbdrive. I was really hoping I could just use the "play to" app in Windows 10, but that thing fails way too often. I can right click on a file and stream it to my TV just fine.


Also, with all my downloaded games to my 360, is there a way to transfer them over? I only have just 1 game to play on this new console.


For a next-gen all-in-one entertainment system, I was expecting a bit better. Perhaps I should have held out & bought a PS4 instead.

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1. Many have been complaining about not being able to stream music during games for a long time. As long as your XBO video isn't running through your receiver there's no reason why you couldn't select another audio source to play while gaming. If I wanted to hear music while I game I'd just use my Bluetooth speaker and leave game audio through the receiver


2. Nothing to add about that as Comedy Central isn't even available through my cable provider.


3. Are you using this method for streaming media from Win 10 to XBO? I've not tried it but I've heard no other complaints about it.


4. If any of your 360 games are on the XBO BC launch list you will see them when you go to "My Games and Apps," "Games," and then scroll all the way to the right to see "Games ready to install." They are going to add more games in the future so if the game you want isn't there keep an eye out for BC updates.


Or if you think you should have bought a PS4 you could always return the XBO and do just that. It's your world.

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The music feature is one that's on their "to add" list. It's been talked about a lot so we can probably expect it to be added in sometime next year. Right now the only way to play music while you game is to snap the music app, but it takes up a portion of your screen to do that.


I can't vouch for the other functions you are trying, I mainly just use mine for games, Twitch and Netflix.

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Or if you think you should have bought a PC you could always return the XBO and do just that. It's your world.


I was considering a PC upgrade(mobo/proc/video card), but it would have cost me quite a bit more at the time than buying a console.


WestOfHouse: I'll give the streaming thing a look. I've used the "Play to" app on my laptop numerous times, but any time it has a glitch, I have to reboot to get it to show again.

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Just mobo, processor and Video Card shouldn't run you more than 500 bucks. Unless you go completely Overkill, but then you can't compare it to an xbox one... Something like a gtx 760, any i5 and a sorta entry Level Mobo would give you more than an xbox one. Specially in Terms of Features... But I understand. We kinda expect Basic things to work, and when they don't we get sorta "WTH, why can't I do this?"


I actually got a Madcatz MOJO, because it was only 100 bucks. For an android box with a good processor and a Controller sounded like a great deal. The actual experience was just garbage though. So it's in the box. And I learned (again) that saving Money sometimes gets expensive...


At least the xbox one works, plays games and all... But for People who can fiddle around a bit with Hardware and Software the PC's flexibility is just so nice...


I do think too many People go with consoles because of all the high standarts People set for PC gaming. I've just seen a Video the other day of a guy saying he doesn't recommend anything bellow a GTX 970. But that Card is Overkill for 1080p. Even the GTX 960 does really well at 1080, and will Play all games out there at 60ps, maybe dropping some Settings down to console Level. But somehow dropping even just a bit in the Settings is just unacceptable.


I don't really get any of this.


I am very happy with a GTX 750ti. It is kinda console Level in Performance. So it's great. I never had any Problem with any game running on it. But I admit I don't Play These eyecandy fests with trash gameplay that most seem to to Focus on. So it's hard to say who would also be satisfied with such a PC.

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I can't say it's the best thing I've ever bought. It's only reinforced my belief that the last gen were dispensed with way too early. There's nothing really new or groundbreaking about either the Xbone or PS4. But I guess once news that one company was developing a new console, the other had to follow.


Today's Black Friday, though, has brought about the best deals I've seen since I picked up mine in March. Back then it was a steal at just over £250 - especially when a friend had bought her kids one just before Christmas for £350. I hadn't seen a price anywhere near that since. Today, I've seen them as low as £220-£230. The lowest PS4 I've seen is around £250, which is £50 cheaper than you normally find them over here.


I am pleased that the PC gaming market is picking up again. It had been dead for a few years when I decided to go back to the dark side and get a PS2 after it had been out several years. Steam has gone a long way towards that.

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