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Rocket League


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This game will make it to Xbox One soon (and other platforms), its currently on PC\PS4. If anyone wants to form an Atari league or just need another player add me. I'll be buying this on every system its released for. It's basically my Tecmo Bowl for the modern age. Pretty much play it daily. I hover around silver and bronze ranks but rarely make it to gold without a party.

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No problem, I just figure I'd throw it out here in case people want to play rather than resort to matchmaking which can sometimes be frustrating.


Sometimes I can tell we are facing a party ex. Squirrelboy1, Squirrelboy2 etc and feels even better when we beat them as a mixed team....or they ragequit. :P

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I wonder if this will be part of 'Games with Gold', as it was offered on PS+ earlier this year. I already have it on PC and PS4, but wouldn't mid having it on XB1 as well. I don't like the game enough to pay for it again though.


I definitely want it on Xbox One as well, in fact I'm buying it the day it comes out on there in Feb. Although Microsoft (and their damn anti-competitive ways) usually won't allow crossplay

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