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Survey: Vectrex Controller Kit - need for 2nd batch?


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While the boxes of the first batch of Vectrex controller kits are leaving my house one after another, I'm mentally preparing for maybe a 2nd batch.

But before I will go on ordering components and parts for that, which will cost a few hundred Euros (€), I want to check the demand for a Vectrex controller kit v2.


Is there anybody out there, who would like to have one? Please check, if you don't know the project: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/240542-new-vectrex-joystick-kit-for-sale/


I have a few ideas for the 2nd version and the pcb will be a different one, but the functionality and features, will probably be the same.

So, if you think, you might be interested in acquiring one, please tell me.

You can use this thread or PM.





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It would be nice if you could pair with someone to offer a full controller. I realize the market might be small but Vectrex owners are generous and willing to collect things they don't really need.


I'm dreaming of a controller like the Genesis pad but with the Vextrex joystick coming out, and a 4th button of course.

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Thank you for your feedback!

I understand, what you mean, but for the moment I'm not heading into this direction, I'm afraid.

See: I don't have a shop or any commercial interest, I'm not providing any comfortable and ready product. It is just a hobby project, which is getting limited time. I'm just providing some help, a useful kit, to make it easier to realize your own creations. So buyers of my kit are not getting a full package, they have to do some work themselves. And I want them to be makers themselves, not just users. It's a chance for people to get to (or back to) actively practicing some electronics, electrics, mechanics... It is more fun to actually make things, than to just buy something an plug it in. So forget about plug and play ;-). Plug and play makes people dumb to a certain extent. (No, I'm not a teacher or something related.)

So, it's not only a lack of time on my side, it's also kind of a fundamental approach, if you like.

This doesn't mean, that I eventually may not also offer some kind of housing, too. Maybe after some time of selling only kits. I have no specific plans for that at the moment, but time will tell.




Vectrex owners are generous


Yes, that's true. On the other hand I had to experience, there a quite a lot of people, who are operating their hobby with of a very tight budget. I don't want to lock nobody out and try to stay as cheap as possible. A DIY case can be made much cheaper than a printed one. Already my printed sticks are quite expensive parts. To get a commercially printed case surely is no cheap thing.



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