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Super Reeves Keypad Handler for CX-85


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I used to have a CX85. Naturally I collected software to work with it. I just looked in my collection of files and notice one of them is called CX85REVK.COM. There's some other stuff in there too.


Also found this: https://archive.org/details/a8b_CX85_Reeve_Key_1986_Reeve_Alan_XL_XE_PD


Not sure if it's this special "super" version though.

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I do not own a CX-85 and also do not own lots of other controllers, but still I am collecting "drivers" and test/sample programs for various A8 controllers. Here is an ATR image with CX-85 drivers I have, as you may guess, I have never used them and do not know if they are useful or not. One file is named "Reevekey.COM", maybe this is what you are looking for ?!? If not sorry, this disk (besides the original Atari CX-85 diskette) contains all drivers I have for the CX-85 at the moment...




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