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Atari lynx vs super fx chip


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since the atari lynx could display flat shaded polygons and do sprite scaling,i wonder if the lynx is powerfull enough to handle games such as starfox,vortex,yoshi's island ,stunt race fx etc,,,

Using all harware tricks to it's slave could bypass the lynx limitations.

These games will push the lynx full potential to it's limit.

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It is possible since Lynx can do unlimited sprites while SNES still had limits.


STUN Runner is all sprites, even the 3D tunnel are sprites so real time 3D effect can be done that looks close to Star Fox.


The only drawback is the screen resolution and 16 colors per line limitation.

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At least i would say Star Fox would run faster/smoother on the Lynx, than Steel Talons and Hard Driving do... those games seem more demanding than Star Fox when it comes to polygon counts. From what i remember reading, Star Fox runs only at around 15fps on the SNES with the FX chip, and of course, its on rails, and the enviroment is a bitmap... who knows, with the right trade offs something decent might be posible.


But hey, if the Star Fox polygon engine is too demanding for the Lynx (i bet it is), it could be done with an engine similar to Blue Lightning. I mean, BL was a first generation game on the Lynx, who knows how much better the Lynx could have handled a similar engine, by its 5th generation of software. Also, would love to see a Super Mario Kart and FZero clone on the Lynx.

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Yikes..lofty expectations.


Would the question perhaps not be better suited to wether Lynx could do stock Mega Drive/Genesis Polygon 3D games such as F-22, LHX Attack Chopper etc that used the Z80+68000 chips, rather than getting into FX chip based games like Starfox, let alone those which used the more powerful MK 2 chip (Yoshi's Island, Stunt Race FX etc)?.


Regarding Starfox on SNES:



Is it not the case some polygons in some stages are lit and some have a basic form of texture-mapping?.


If we are headed into Dreamland, i'd of thought a more 'reasonable' Vs might of been Lynx Vs some of Core Design/Sega's own Mega CD games:Soulstar/Jaguar XJ220/BC Racers/Thunderhawk/Blastcorps/3D sections on Batman Returns etc...


I (personally) think putting Lynx up again'st DSP powered games is a touch...erm..overly optimistic perhaps?


Reason Stun Runner was done via sprites was to keep the speed up and even Core admitted they could of used polygons in MCD Thunderhawk, but sprites were used to keep speed up.......

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If we are going to venture into Dreamers Corner..rather than think of possible conversions of existing games on other formats that used DSP chips etc, how about considering how Lynx harware would of coped with unconverted coin-ops that could of made fantastic use of Lynx hardware?.

Thinking here of Data East's: 'The Cliffhanger:Edward Randy'
This could of been the Lynx doing it's own Castlevania, but with a Indy Jones-esq vibe.
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