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Elansar / Philia update for Firebee/CTPCI/Supervidel


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If you already bought my games "Elansar" for Firebee/CTPCI or "Philia: the sequel to Elansar" for Falcon, here is an update for Firebee/CT60.

For Elansar:
This update allows you to play in a GEM window under 16bits screen resolution.
The video intro quality has been greatly updated.

For Philia: the sequel to Elansar:
The game was Falcon only, but now you can play in a GEM window under 16bits screen resolution on Firebee or CT60.

Download the update here
Read the "Update.txt" file for more informations.

I only tested this update on Firebee in Monotask FireTOS.
If someone could test this on Firebee with MiNT, and on a CT60/CTPCI Radeon/Supervidel, that would be nice :)

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I just updated the update icon_biggrin.gif (same link)
The GEM version should now handle topped/bottomed window, and the game is suspended as soon as your mouse get out of the window.

For Firebee users:
I also included an update of the original Elansar app which plays in Fullscreen, it is now way faster and smoother (triple buffering, 16bits, direct mouse handling)
I also included a Fullscreen version of Philia ! same as Elansar, plays smoothly in 16bits triple buffering.
Both fullscreen version have no problem with AES interaction, and will restore the desktop screen perfectly. (while the previous version of Elansar didn't)


I updated my game packages on my itch.io store, now you have all the up to date versions when buying the game :)


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