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Atari 1040 STF Display Options


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I had an Atari ST 1040 STF given to me recently, and after getting RGB Scart cables from Ebay, I found that it is finicky with my RGB equipment, namely my two scalers. The only thing it displays on is my CRT TV through a SCART to Component transcoder, and the image has flutter, and the software I wrote to a disk runs but scrolls (no way to adjust vertical hold on my TV). I do have old VGA monitors, but I know that only displays in Monochrome. Aside from a CRT Display, a PVM/BVM which I can not locate due to me living out in the middle of nowhere, and a sc1224 Atari Monitor...what are my options to display RGB from this machine.

I do have an old Apple 12" RGB Display, the low res (512x384) version from the Macintosh LC which I have in storage. Could I use that?

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Not my video - but this appears to be a reasonably priced solution for outputting color to VGA monitors:



The board (GBS8200) appears to cost around $25 USD from various sources. If you're willing to do some cable hacks, and can get packages shipped to the middle of nowheres, maybe this will help :)


Good luck!


P.S. Does the SC 1224 not work?

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