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HSC12 Round 20: Whirlinurd


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Making it's debut as contender for "The Best Game Never Played in the HSC" is Whirlinurd. A great game that is a lot of fun but gets tricky after a few levels. Luckily we can start on each of the 5 blocks of screens so we have at least 5 easy screens we can all do! We'll have a point for each screen completed - if that's ok with you McKong ;) Bonus for anyone roping in someone for Team Nurd action :thumbsup:




Play on each level A-E and post how far you got. Enter the code IAMTHEHUNGRYDUDE to unlock level E. Checkout atarimania for the instructions - fly up by pressing fire release to descend. You cannot fly again until you land, but you do have a boost which is activated by pressing up. Combine these to reach trickier parts of the levels or save time. On NTSC systems the game is more responsive and may play even better!



Round ends Sunday 13th December 10am UK Time



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A 12,380 reached level 3 (2 levels completed=2pts)


A 12,850 reached level 3 (2 levels completed=2pts)


A 15,430 level 5 (4 completed)

B 11,390 levels 11-12 (1 completed)

C 12,310 levels 21-23 (2 completed)


The game locked up once between levels (you can press reset), I think this happened on the original too. I own this one on Tape - not played for years. Perhaps we can get this fixed so report back guys if you have problems. Very nice game :)

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A - Got to level 4, didn't clock the score. I'll have another go tonight hopefully!

Are you ok with a point per level completed? I want to be fair. I don't think we will use the scores.


A 18,850 Level 5 (4 completed)

B 14,370 Level 14

C 17,630 Level 24

D 13,680 Level 34

E 9,400 Level 42


I hope everyone enjoys Whirlinurd. It is hard but if you notice the baddies always start in the same places so you can learn and time your movements. With this in mind even screen 41 was not so hard afterall :) You should all manage a couple of screens here and there. Checkout the "Level 2" game mode too!

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I thought there were 10 screens in each block but level 43 was the end; then it goes into the "level 2" game mode. I guess he did pretty well cramming in as much as he did :thumbsup:


A 23,220 Level 6 (5 completed)

B 23,220 Level 15

C 20,420 Level 25

D 13,680 Level 34

E 12,900 Level 43 - final screen completed :)


Was just looking to see what else Chris Gray did for the Atari as the name sounded familiar - it was the immortal Boulderdash! He also wrote Inflitrator; one day I will take some time to play that properly! Anyone else familiar with the game?


This is an interesting read too: David_vs_Goliath_Why_smaller_developers_can_win_in_the_new_mobile_gaming_landscape

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managed another screen on D and bluecat did the first screen on B :)


Some sort of Tables!

Remember it's 1 point per level completed - try the first screen on A-D as they are all easyish :)

Travis 2pts
A 12,380 reached level 3 (2 levels completed=2pts)

Bluecat 2+1=3pts
A 12,850 reached level 3 (2 levels completed=2pts)

B level 11 compelted

SHiNjide 3pts
A 12,258 Level 4 (3 completed)

Sikor 2pts
A: level 3 (2 completed)

Roadrunner 2pts
A 12,710 reached level 3

McKong 7+2+4=13pts
A Level 7 completed
B Level 12 completed
C Level 24 completed

trbb 6+4+4+4+3=21pts
A 23,430 Level 7 (6 completed)
B 23,220 Level 15
C 20,420 Level 25
D 15,460 Level 35
E 12,900 Level 43 - final screen completed :)

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With only three rounds left in Season 12 there's only 3 points in it - checkout the CURRENT STANDINGS :)

Season 12 Schedule

Round 19 will be normal

Round 20 will be the best game never played in the HSC

Round 21 will be a combined Season 12 catch-up and improve scores round, plus Christmas bonus if I can find something.

Round 22 will be the season finale so we'll come up with something fun? Yes fun :-D

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Ok I just played it again. You need to go under the purple wall rather than over. I think I went over when I first beat it which is why I thought that it was a fluke and that I'd never manage to do it again.


If you're stuck I recorded it



Thanks McKong, I've just beaten level 7! (29,380) Though it was on life 6 of 6 and then I blew two on the start of level 8. I keep getting psyched out by this game, it's that music adding to the pressure :-o Let me know if I can return the favour :-D

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