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disassembly thread


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Ok I'll bite!


If anyone else has something then feel free to ignore this. I'm hoping to have some serious Atari time over the next few months so...


Ramp Rage - the scrolling - I posted on the programming thread: variable-speed-vertical-scrolling-elegant-solution-wanted

and had a few replies, but I couldn't figure it out at the time. I basically hard coded a load of manual scroll speeds and this took up lots of space so I wanted a nicer, more flexible way of doing this (say like in River Raid)


I've attached some screen shots showing some of the code :-o


Hope this the sort of challenge you were looking for ;)





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Venus Express is a bit quick! but yes, something graduated and controllable - River Raid was what I had in mind. You can see from my code I had a lot of variables to achieve what I did, which worked in the end.


Ramp Rage has some resistance to the movement and some acceleration, I spent a lot of time on this as I didn't want a game like let down by poor controls e.g. Mirax Force, where the ship was floating around all over the place :)

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Was this the sort of challenge you were after?!


Attached is my scroll logic [rrscroll.m65] i.e. this decides when to scroll (not the scroll routine which is pretty standard). There are lots of comments.


I have a speed 1-64 used in the game and represented on the speed gauge. Also uses boost(flag), pl0downflag and velocity based on how long a direction is held for. I have vbicounter /2 /3 variables which loop from 0-1 0-2 0-3 in the vbi.


Probably best something from scratch - the suggestions on the other thread probably make sense but I was struggling to understand how to get a calculation system to work less than once per VBI for slow speed scrolling.

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