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Star Trek


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I don't recall playing Star Trek in the arcades BITD, but I have played it in recent years at Richie Knucklez and Funspot. In the Atari 2600 and Atari 5200 versions of the game, there's a sector where you fly through an asteroid field and dock with star bases. This sector is not present in the ColecoVision or TI-99/4A versions of the game.


My son says he remembers seeing this sector in the arcade game but I know I haven't seen it. Can someone familiar with the game confirm that the asteroid sector is only found in the Atari 2600 and 5200 versions of the game and not in the arcade game? I'd fire it up in MAME but I just don't have the controls to make it very far in the game to test it myself.

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I also do not remember an asteroid field in the arcade game, just the regular sectors and the mine sectors. I even watched a YouTube gameplay video of the arcade game and didn't see such a thing. But the arcade game ramps up damn fast in difficulty, so it's tough for mere mortals to play the game terribly long. It would be interesting if they added something to the 2600 and 5200 versions that did not exist in the arcade. Maybe Sega was planning on a sector of this nature in the arcade game, but pulled it for some reason/ And it was left in these home versions?



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Speculation: they added the asteroid sector for variety and to make up for the absence of digital voices and cool vector graphics.


This post made me look up the game and it's just as vivid and awesome as I remember. The white "command chair" with a spinner on one side and buttons on the other ... mmmmm


Do I have $5000 to buy this? <looks in pocket, nope> I guess I'll watch those videos again.

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I hate all of you. I was always horribly bad at this game. I may add one to my collection sometime, but man... just could never get this game!


Not sure about others but the key for me was to never bother looking at the main screen, always play using the radar screen. Much easier that way. Man, love that spinner!! Can you imagine how hard that game would be with a digital joystick, or even an analog joystick? I love spinning it fast to turn my ship around, giving it quick spins one way and then the other to juke the Klingons so they couldn't hit me, spinning it quick and then stopping it with my hand, firing a photon at 2 or 3 Klingons, then spinning in another direction immediately and getting out of there. Too fun, that game.

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