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Power-up list entry in cart headers


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Is the power-up routine address in cartridges actually honoured by the TI OS, or is it only relevant in device DSRs?

It's honoured in GROMs and DSRs but not in ROM cartridges.


Excuse me, I hope I'm not being out-of-line here, but in reading these two public posts, I'm detecting 'something' that 'could' be interesting....

... anything new and exciting that an UberGROM blue board could handle?

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Okay thanks guys. Nothing exciting Omega, just looking at ways of saving code. If the power-up address was honoured in ROMs in cartridges then multibank carts could be simplified. For example, in an 8 bank cart, banks 1 to 7 could have power-up routines defined that actually changed the bank to bank 0 and did a cold reset. It would be a nice means of dealing with carts that don't start in bank 0.

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The other problem with multicart images that actually run from ROM (and not E/A 5 load-&-run) is that every one after the first one must have code to run from the banks in which they get stashed. This is easy enough to do if the programmer is available and willing, but not so much otherwise.



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