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I've had Alien Greed 5 in my mind ever since Alien Greed 4 got released. But it keeps being forgotten about. But something reminded me of it, and so I got to working on it. I had a rather nasty bug that wouldn't go away. I was working on the assumption that the computer was being a giant douche and hating me. But after a few hours of working and trying and working and trying, I think I finally got it to go away. I need to playtest some more to see if the other bugs I had went away as well. There were some that made the game freeze at the boss screen after getting a cart. That's what my main focus was in the programming I did earlier today. I just for the past couple of hours worked on a bug that made the game go back to the title screen after dying. If you didn't die and lost all three lives on the boss screen, and then played it again perfectly, and lost one life on the boss screen, it went back to the title screen. I don't know why on earth that happened. Furthermore, I don't know why on earth it played perfectly the first time around. A few times it didn't go back to the title screen and the alien turned purple. Once, I had blinking playfield blocks for no apparent reason. So that's what I did today so far. There's not much more to my day, since I apparently have taken a liking to go to sleep at 4pm and waking up at 6am. And after 14 hours of sleep, I'm still sleepy all the time.

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