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Atari STE - no RAM check or logo at boot?


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Hi all, sorry for the string of threads lately...


So I have a 520 STE upgraded to 4MB. The floppy drive is dying so while it can see files on some floppies, it invariably can't execute them. But that's another concern.


Anyway when I turn it on, the white screen appears and the floppy drive starts whirring, and then after about 10 seconds TOS appears and it all seems fine. But isn't there suppose to be a RAM test and Atari logo on that white screen?


Looking at Desktop Info reveals little about the version of TOS/GEM I have, but the latest year of copyright is 1989, and the Atari logo is rainbow...

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I don't know what version of "rainbow" tos there is, but AFAIK its 1.4 only, that shouldn't be in a STE anyway. Not sure what version the logo came up in, but definitely its in TOS206. I don't know about 106 or 162 versions which are normally in the STE's but don't think the logo came up in them, someone else probably knows more on there. You could try the app sysinfo to show the version of TOS.

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