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Which homebrew game do you like most?


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I know there are more topics about this, but they are a few years old and I think some great ones came out since then. The homebrew I like the most is Donkey Kong for the Atari: D.K. VCS.



Figure 1. D.K. VCS has all 4 levels of Donkey Kong and they look like the real thing too. Compare this to Coleco's version on the right.


Others that you must have played in my opinion are the following homebrews. Juno First for instance has very original game play. You can fly back too instead of just going forwards, which is quite unlike most other shooters. You have to play it to "feel" it.



Figure 2. Juno First. It may not look like something very special in the screenshot, but the perspective and the game play is very good!


The VCS version of Ladybug is brilliant too. Space Rocks is extremely addictive. That's because it's like a port of Asteroids Deluxe to the Atari. And Asteroids for the Atari is already extremely addictive (never really liked the arcade version). Pack-Man 4k proves that it can be done: a perfect port of Pac-Man to the Atari.


But my favorite must be D.K. VCS. Just like Pitfall II defined, way back then, what the Atari can do and Donkey Kong Country was almost like looking at a next gen. console instead of an SNES game, D.K. VCS to me is sort of a holy grail for the Atari. Remember: arcade games were the thing way back then and porting them to a home console was not necessarily an easy choice but more like an obligatory challenge. People really demanded ports, no matter ho brilliant originals like Yar's Revenge were. It's like making a game of a movie now-a-days. Other 2600 posts of D. Kong look very bad and the game play is completely off. The manner in which Mario (or must I say "Jump Man"?) jumps alone is so much better like the other ports. After doing only one jump I was already completely fed up w/ D. Kong clones on the Atari in the 80's. Note that D.K. VCS scrolls from side to side to achieve it's accuracy.

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There are too many...but I'll list my current Top 5 for the 2600:


Thrust+ Platinum

Juno First

Space Rocks

Star Castle Arcade

Toyshop Trouble

*Honorable mention goes to Scramble 2600!


For the 7800:

Dungeon Stalker

Anything by PacManPlus...anything!

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Others that you must have played in my opinion are the following homebrews. Juno First for instance has very original game play.




Not too original since it's a translation of the arcade game.


I have to give a shoutout to Medieval Mayhem because it was the first home brew I ever bought and my son loves that game. It's not often that he asks me to play a 2600 game with him but he loves that game.


Right now I can't decide between Scramble and Pac-Man 8K as to which gets the honor of greatest 2600 home brew of all time.


I also need to mention Lady Bug and Space Rocks which are excellent games.

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Could rave on and on about all the great 2600 & 7800 home-brews, but suffice it to say, LOVE most all of them! Some honorable 2600 mentions:


Space Rocks

Medieval Mayhem

Princess Rescue

Lady Bug




Sea Wolf

Juno First

K.O. Cruiser

DK Arcade (not finished yet, but wow!)

Dintar816's Pac-Man's

Star Castle Arcade

Stay Frosty



...and all of the mini-game and Christmas carts :love:

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