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I thought I'd get out the INTV. Turns out I'm missing the RF cord for it. I tried a Jaguar one and the screen was all staticy. I tried another cord, but it got bent somehow and wouldn't fit in the hole, although if I did it just right, it gave a clear picture. So I know it is capable of giving a clear picture, but I looked all around the garage and couldn't find that stupid cord. I did however manage to find the Dreamcast. I got back into INTV Basic and spent a few hours tweaking a banana picture's colors until it showed up on the screen. This is the result:

I also figured out the notes to "Yes, We Have No Bananas" and put that in there too. I figure this would make an excellent title screen to a game called "Bananas Are Good," but I have no idea what it should be about. So anyway, I spent most of the day coding a banana picture to show up on the INTV. You can now call me officially crazy.

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