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Moon Patrol Hack for Sound


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Likely the game uses an engine that would be similar in function to VBXE - ie a regular VBlank call that allows music + sound processing on an ongoing basis. On demand sound effects usually initiated by a seperate call with parameter/s.

If you want to record sound you can selectively disable voices in Altirra. From a quick look it seems like Moon Patrol uses Voice 2 for the sound effects though it's possible music borrows it as well and effects might occasionally use others.

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Got Altirra working on my OS X.11 Mac using wine bottler.


Managed to turn off the tracks. Nice!


Now if I can just get an image to run past check point A and figure out how to mimic joystick controls and we'll be all set. Altirra is quite nice. Never had a reason to set this up before now.

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Ok three questions:


1) Why is Moon Patrol playing on auto play? The buggy is jumping over craters by itself.

2) Why is Moon Patrol only getting to level A and restarting?

3) How can I use some keyboard control to play the game?


(And I figured this out enough for effect. Basically like shift 2 to turn off auto play mode. Once in manual play mode it gets past level A. Select keyboard entry from the pull down menus.)


(Cool emulator!)

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