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Is there a general estimated dollar amount for international shipping on a small flat-rate sized box that weighs less than half a pound?


I have no idea what it will cost but I need to give an estimate for these tapes up front... If I need to refund a little via PayPal, I can.


Any thoughts? $10,$15?


Some of you folks who live across the pond from me might have a good idea?

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Shipping a 5-8 ounce package anywhere outside the USA (besides Canada) is $12.33. If you go over 8 ounces, you're up to $14.40. If you buy postage at the post office, it'll be a little more than this -- $12.33 is the online price.


The service you want is "First Class International." The USPS site is designed to try to upsell you to priority options, which don't save you much time and cost a ton more. For small packages, this is the way to do it.


Also, for domestic stuff, First Class Mail and Priority Mail go in the same bags and take the same amount of time. You'll spend a couple extra bucks per package for nothing if you ship a small package via Priority.

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If sending them to me wouldn't add extra time this close to the holidays, I'd volunteer to ship 'em out for you. I still sell a lot of books, records and CDs on Amazon and Discogs so I print postage from my PC daily. I've never used the online postage printing right from the USPS website but I imagine it's not too hard, and then you can skip the dreaded line and just deposit your packages right in the mailbox or hand them off to a clerk.

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Depends on the weight. Media Mail is a flat rate for up to one pound. If you go over 8 ounces, media mail is likely cheaper (and I've had no problems with delivery time on it, though I've heard horror stories secondhand).


If I was mailing out cassettes, I'd use a "Jiffy" padded mailer. The standard size #0 is one that fits a CD, DVD or standard size paperback book. I just mailed a cassette out today in one, the weight was 3 ounces, and the online price for First Class shipping was $2.04. Cardboard box is more durable but weighs more, and puts the shipping cost per item up higher.

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