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The new HSC Blowout (Game 2) - DragonFire!

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From space we move to the damsel in distress, oh wait, your just running to get that lovely treasure from the dragon! Avoid those arrows raining down on you while clearing out the treasure rooms... You can't see the dragon? Did I forget to tell you some of them are "invisible" (actually just using the same color as the background).... Good Luck




Scores will be accepted until New Years Day (midnight new years eve)

Scores for game DragonFire! - Updated as of 9:36am 12/8

  1. RoadRunner - 1,720
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Dragonfire - 4,640




It's been a long time since I played the 2600 version of Dragonfire. I had never tried the Inty version before. Such a twitch game! And on this level, the dragon moves so fast and was invisible the third or fourth time through. I'm not a huge fan of the Inty disc controllers but they fit this game pretty well -- at least the treasure room part.


My Inty is set up on a bookshelf more than arm's length away, so I definitely appreciated the ability to start a new game using the keypad buttons, without the need to wander over to the console itself. So many games of this era really could have used that feature.

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