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The new HSC Blowout (Game 4) - Pitfall *Special Scoring*

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Off to the jungle we go for game #4 of the blowout, the Pitfall Harry of Pitfall brings us along. Avoid the fires, snakes, crocs and pits while collecting all that glorious cash, jewelry, gold and silver bars.


Special Scoring Note: In order to break potential ties, a BONUS of 5000 pts will be awarded for each remaining second on the clock to those completing the game PERFECTLY. If you lose a point before getting the last treasure you score is what's on the screen, but if you go perfect with 5 seconds left you will have an additional 25,000 pts added to your total for scoring purposes.


Scores will be accepted until New Years Day (New Years Eve Midnight) Good Luck


Scores for game Pitfall - Updated as of 9:34am 12/8

  1. RoadRunner - 66,205
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Pitfall! - 55,767




I knew I wouldn't be able to complete on this game. I charged in with no plan, went backwards and hoped for the best. :) I feel I did OK by that standard.


I used to play the 2600 version of Pitfall a lot, but never spent much time with the Inty version. The disc controls OK, but the controller cramps my hand holding it for 20 minutes.


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