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Bob Bishop estate sale


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Posted on facebook by Jane Bishop:

"If anyone is interested, this Apple II, serial #13, will be posted on eBay tomorrow, at Bob Bishop estate sale:

Bob Bishop’s own, personal, APPLE II computer, serial number A2S1-0013 (that’s the 13th Apple II out of the box!). This is the computer on which Bob wrote all his programs for Apple, including APPLEVISION (see the apple2history webpage “spotlight on Bob Bishop” for details). These programs also include Saucer Invasion & Star Warriors. This is the computer Bob traded his old Apple I for (argh!)… at a discount! As stated on the aforementioned webpage, this computer had the case replaced because the lack of ventilation slots on the original design caused the cases to sag from the heat. This lot also includes Bob’s original offer letter from Apple, dated December 15, 1978, in which he became Apple employee #178 (that’s not in the letter, but it is on the webpage); letter signed by Thomas M. Whitney and mentions that Bob reported directly to Steve Wozniak. Bob worked for Apple from 1978 until “Black Wednesday” in February 1981 when there was a purge. The lot also includes the original manual for the Apple II, along with power cord, 1 cable, and a carrying case. Bob had this computer up and running in his living room when he died. The power supply is serial number A2M001-7523 (it was clearly replaced at some point early on – probably when the case was swapped out). The motherboard is 1-202 and is original to the machine. Overall EX condition (although could use a little dusting & cleaning)."

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