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So it appears I'm making the Bananas Are Good demo an actual game. I have a score, I have a fly swatter, I have fruit flies. But you know what is missing? A way to die. What should I do? Should I add a timer that counts down from a certain number to 0 and if you don't hit a fly in that time, the game ends or you lose a life. I can't put any more sprites on the screen, so that should be a good way to have it. What should the number be? Should I make it higher for the slow version or should I make it higher for the fast version? Should it be like an Odyssey 2 game where you only have one life? Or should I have three lives? Or two? Lots of decision making to be done here. I will be getting a loaned Intellicart so I can test the game on real hardware again. I was having troubles with the Vision-dapter recognizing key presses (1 or 2.) It worked fine on jzIntv, though. I tried the controller test with it and only the 1 key returned a value. Nothing from keys 2-12. So I'm wondering whether it's a controller issue or whether I programmed key value obtaining wrong. Now that I have my Intellivision set up, I bought Dracula for it. It was a choice between that or Happy Trails, and I already own Loco-Motion. INTV games shot up in value on eBay for some reason. I wonder why. Also, I have a baggie here full of overlays. I don't use them. It would be fun to have an overlay for Bananas Are Good in case it gets finished, so I designed one. I think the placement of the 1 and 2 buttons are wrong, and so is the size, but I'll get that taken care of if the game ever gets finished. Today I added a score and a swat sound for fly hitting.

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