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Koronis (Win)


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Hi everyone, I've been making a game that expands a bit on the foundation of Asteroids. I was recalling how, as little kids, my brother and I would sometimes play 2600 Asteroids in crazy ways - mainly by flying as fast as possible and seeing how long we could survive. I started designing some gameplay mechanics that would strongly encourage, and reward, this sort of risky behavior.


Koronis features a "cosmic wind" that flows continuously, moving the asteroids in its general direction (although with some randomized variance). Flying fast and shooting asteroids in quick succession increases your score multiplier and activates a scoring chain. Flying in the same direction as the cosmic wind while your multiplier and scoring chain are active lets you accrue "flow time," which unlocks bonus waves where you are challenged with insane minigames for the opportunity to earn a 1up. The result is a continually fast-flowing game that gets really fun as each successive wave features more, and faster, asteroids. The game features a responsive soundtrack and supports keyboard and controller (although personally I am so controller-oriented that I will need feedback from players who prefer keyboard to make sure the controls are as comfortable as possible).


Take a look at the video, and message me if you'd like to help playtest it, and I can send you a download link. You'll need a Windows machine with a fair-to-middling graphics card (the game features a few pixel shaders, but these can be toggled off if they cause slowdown).


This is my first attempt at coding so I appreciate anyone giving it a try. I realize most programmers here are posting homebrew for consoles, so my apologies if this isn't the right place to post this... I'm just hoping that people who love Asteroids can get a look at it and try it out if they want to.


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