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Does anybody know of any Atari 2000,Atari 3200 and 5100 for sale?


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I'm afraid you're probably gonna have to keep on wanting. The number of people who own the total of these in existence, worldwide, can probably be counted on one hand, maybe two.

IIRC there are only two or three Kee systems in existence (incidentally, I actually happen to know the owner of one of them). But there is a collector in Germany who was making repro Kee switch panel and face labels to use for case mods; I don't know if he still makes them though.

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CPUWIZ please send me a couple pics of the atari 2000.please.


Do you have any special requests for pics? Like a certain cartridge inserted into the slot, so you can be sure I didn't pull the picture from the internet. Piece of paper? A couple of my circuit boards laying around. Just let me know. :)

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LOL is this legit?


Well, I can find your 2700 picture in multiple places online, you will not find this unique picture anywhere. ;) I actually cut the legs off, where a aluminium AA logo is covering my private parts. LOL


I told you how much I want and how I want to get paid. If you think that is too much, make a best offer and send it to me via PM.

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CPUWIZ ill need to get back to you on a possible offer.I cant do 15,000 usd enless I get approved for a loan.ill need to send you an offer when I ck my funds.Whats PM mean?how would I send msgs thru that?im new to this.im not trolling and am not retarded.I know CPUWIZ,that you never called me that but theres just other people on here trying to be funny.

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