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Does anybody know of any Atari 2000,Atari 3200 and 5100 for sale?


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Dont think I want to take out 10,000 usd,when clearly thats way to much to take out of my credit card per the rules.I honestly dont feel like accruing shit loads of interest on borrowing either.Lets not forget having to pay it back to the credit card company if magically I was approved to take out 10k off my credit card.id probably be in debt,or in deeper shit thru a credit card company or it maybe going thru collections if shit doesnt go my way or if moneys tight.

Better to go with a bank loan.Safer I believe.At least theyd be a bit more calm about it.ill figure shit out.no need to further comment people.

DUDE, are you NUTS? Going back and reading the thread you asked who has one to sell. CPUWIZ told you what he needed and how he wanted to be paid. You agreed and started talking about taking out a loan.



For whatever reason you weren't approved for your personal loan. YOU then wanted to change the terms of someone else's sale. That really isn't your choice, it would be only be the choice of the seller.


Wether you take out a personal loan or use you credit card it will cost you a shit ton of interest.



To be honest, IMO you have no business buying an Atari for 10K if you need to take out a loan.

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No sarcasm here at all, but just some thoughts for you, Atari2800man: your last posts contain many of the reasons that CPUWIZ would consider warning signs of a potentially bad transaction. Using the credit card through PayPal would still put you in the "accruing shit loads of interest" category. You would still be on the hook to pay off that $10,000 credit card bill, so that interest (generally much higher than the bank loan) would eat you alive over time, so the sad end in collections would be a high possibility.


Many of us here are collectors of the systems we love--but we also have to live within the means available to each one of us. Sometimes that means passing on really good deals because the finances aren't there. We live with that. We don't bash at the seller for not doing what we want them to--we live with our situation and wait for the next time, where our finances may be better prepared for the purchase. I spent more than $2,000 for an unbelievably rare, working TI-99/2 last fall. Why is that important? It means that I wasn't dumping a lot more money into my hobby over the last six months, as it was most of my hobby budget for that period. Note that I budget my expenditures--so that I don't end up in financial hot water, and so my family doesn't go completely insane on me. It is what reasonable people do.


I've been reading this thread with interest for quite some time now, and I can tell you one very important thing: I had reservations about your ability to pull off this deal right from the start, and each subsequent cycle of posts has only increased those reservations. I do have PayPal, but I would never have done a transaction of this size with you using it. The risk to me would have been too high, based on what I have seen of you here. This isn't about your character at all--it is about perceived risk, and with what I've seen so far, the point where the risk crosses the line between doable with PayPal and requiring a certified bank check is about $200, and even there the bank check isn't a perfect solution, as those can be forged too.


AtariAge has a lot of good people on it, people I've had very good dealings with over the years. It is one of the best retro communities I've encountered on the Web. I doubt that most of them would trust me with a transaction this size in PayPal mode--and my reputation here is solid. The sum is just too high and the risks to the seller are just too great. I can handle that--and I can respect the seller's decision when it comes to making a sale that is safe for both parties.

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Bank loans are more for cars,houses,apartments really.not for an atari console.credit card debt wouldnt be fun.I do now understand where CPUWIZ concern is on security with this deal on this expensive atari.Certified ck is guarenteed cash in his pocket,whereas credit card,he can get screwed over on.once I put myself in his shoes,trying to think well hey what if I sold my 2700?would I feel comfortable with him using a credit card on my item to possleably get scammed or have cash reversed.not to mention I dont know this person well or his feedback.


I get it now.im just ticked off that for one,the bank wont give me a loan,and two,my credit card or paypal cant be used as payments either.but I fully understand cpuwiz concerns now.I do have around 10k in my checking.I just need maybe 2500 usd more and ill be back to negociate and get this shit done.im very much serious here.

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