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Japanese pop music, game and anime soundtrack CD's


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Anyone here serious into collecting these? Ran across a bunch of older (early to mid 2000's) soundtracks for games and some anime shows. I'll update the thread with titles and pics if there's enough interest, but thought I'd see before listing on eBay. Some of these seem to fetch a pretty penny, so would like to capitalize on that and make some extra money for the holidays.


A few titles to spark some interest:


Both Kingdom Hearts

Weib Kreuz Gluhen Dramatic Soundtracks I

Noir blanc dans

Noir Original Soundtrack

Melodies Of Life - FFIX

Rule of Rose

The Thrill - Blue Submarine No. 6

Ridge Racer V

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Halo 2

Angelic Layer

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Some anime and game soundtracks I would like:

Ridge Racer (the first game; either the original soundtrack release or the remix release)

Little Snow Fairy Sugar (any)

Azumanga Daioh (any other than the U.S. release of the first volume)

Excel Saga (any)

CardCaptor Sakura

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