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FS: PSP 1000 Shells, iSmart Premium, Terk switchboxes, PSP games/movies lot


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Two new replacement shells for the original PSP 1000/1001 models. One red and one black. Purchased them new but never used them. Restore that scratched up PSP and make her new again! Some of the pictures may look like they are scratched, but rest assured they are not. It is just the baggies creating that effect. I have never removed them from their bags so they remain untouched. This is actually the first time they were even removed from the boxes for pictures. These are better quality than most. They have the Sony and PSP logos and come with all of the buttons, triggers, etc (but do NOT come with the analog stick, so you have to re-use your own). $15 each, shipped (in the USA). PM!







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Items added and price of the PSP shells lowered:


1. Nintendo DSi (red) and R4 card: **SOLD**


This DSi was my five year old's system, but she is no longer interested in it. It is by no means in great condition. It is scratched up and is missing the stylus pen, but it works just fine and includes the original charger. Great as a "beat em up" handheld for yourself or your kids. The R4 card comes with a 2GB transcend microSD card as well. $40 shipped


2. Terk powered switchboxes:


These boxes are great for multiple classic game console hookups. I used them (linked them together) to connect seven systems at once when I was using them. Since they are powered, the signal is boosted and the video output is fantastic (unlike the crappy boxes sold in stores today). $20 each box, shipped.


3. Atari SIO cable:


This is an official Atari SIO cable, new old stock. I think I purchased this from B&C Computervisions a few years ago. $12 shipped


4. PSP movies and games:


What you see is what you get. $20 shipped


5. iSmart Premium NDS/DSi/DSL/DSi XL card and 8GB Verbatim microSDHC card:


iSmart and microSDHC card are both brand new. I purchased this from Realhotstuff as a spare before they stopped selling them. $25 shipped











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