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Question about programming GAL/PLDs


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Download the TL866 Software version 6.85 and the problem with GAL2210D/B programming should be solved. This new version just fixes the problem for me! After installing, it will ask you to update the firmware for the TL866 programmer itself! Make sure you do that!


Link: http://www.autoelectric.cn/MiniPro/minipro_setup685.rar


Below is the release notes for the V6.85.


版本: V6.85 Support:14337--2018.10.19

FIXED: GAL22V10B M95320W M95128W

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I'm attempting to use the ATF22LV10C-JU with the new model XGPro programmer (formerly MiniPro, TL866-II). 


What I've tried:


I have a PLCC-28 to DIP28 adaptor, and program it as DIP28. The programmer reports success at each step. 


However, I've received my PCB, begun board bringup, and I'm not getting anything out of the PLD. 


JED file is from WinCUPL, where the design simulates successfully. 


I verified VCC=3.3, and CLK in at 6 MHz. All inputs are stepped down to 3.3V by 74LVC245A buffers, and much slower than 3 Mhz.


I have only combinatorial equations, no registers, but I put a 6 Mhz on the CLK pin anyway.


So far, all I see is two Output pins at 3.3, when they should be varying. I didn't add enough test points to my board, so I've ordered a custom PCB breakout to test the ATF22LV10 in isolation. 

Others reported the ATF22V10 wasn't easy to program. My XGPro with the latest firmware reports success, is there any reason to be skeptical of this?

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On 7/20/2019 at 7:17 PM, FarmerPotato said:


Can you explain wires to PAL and XGecuTL866II+ programmer





I verified that my ATF22LV10C works as expected, using WinCUPL and the XGecu Pro (aka TL866II+). 

I used XGecu ver 8.51. Firmware is 04.2.105.  ATF22LV10C-10JU were new from Mouser. ($1.45)


This $10 adaptor was helpful in verification.




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