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What are your collecting goals in 2016?

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Well since 2015 is 3 weeks away from being in the books and a thing of the past. What are your goals for collecting or purchasing in 2016? As for me I am actually pretty good game and console wise. As I have over 30 systems. And like to add a couple more systems in my collection that year and narrowing down my wish list this is the what I do not want and what I want to purchase. Here is a list of the consoles.


Do not want:

Magnavox Odyssey/Odyssey pong systems: Respect and admire the history of it and it is a pioneer in video games. Too primative and the price is pretty steep to find one. Also it is mostly board games to play on your television. As for the variety of pong systems for the 100, 200, 300, etc. Not interested.


RCA Studio 2: Uhhhhhhhh the beeping noises are irritating and sounds like a chicken masturbating.


Astrocade: Awesome units and an impressive system for it's time. Expensive and hard to find one and the reliability issues as it is prone to overheating.


Arcadia 2001: Weak library and too short of a production run as most games are clones of other systems.


Jaguar: Don't even get me started....


3DO: Neat system. Cons are the intermittent disc read problems from the laser lens from what I have heard and most of the library looks weak. And the later releases were also released for the Playstation.


PS4/XBox One: Too many software updates and don't like the library. Maybe I will reconsider if the price drops more and if the library looks good for my taste.


Here are the systems that I am leaning on wanting to get.


Channel F:

Another great pioneer in the video game market and I was fascinated with the pilot grip controllers. Most of the games are very primative and a good chunk are two player titles. About 32 or so games were released for it. My setback is that these systems run for quite a good chunk of money, problematic pinpoints as they overheat as well and also the controllers will fall apart from what I heard.



I always admired these systems and love the game library for it. The controller looks amazing and have heard numerous great things about them. The price for it is a little high but not insane. I've heard they run well and hardly fall apart but some screen abnormalities.


What do you reccommend? Other than that what are your collecting goals and stuff you like to add in your game room?

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I've got a few things planned for the coming year, with three in particular on my mind.



#1. Decide what to do about my Atari 2600 collection


This is the biggest thing on my mind right now. I've currently got a library of around 140'ish games for the 2600 (some being pretty valuable ones to boot) and I do enjoy playing them, but I've been through four different Atari 2600 systems in the last year and I've yet to find one that works right for more than a month or two before it breaks down. I like the games on the system, but I'm really sick of the unreliable system hardware. In 2016 I need to either find a system to play my 2600 games on that works reliably and will keep working over the long term or just say "screw it" and sell my entire Atari 2600 collection. Either way I need to decide soon, since I'm tired of my Atari games just sitting around collecting dust and I don't want to have to keep buying or new systems or getting the one I have repaired every few months.



#2. Get a GameCube w/ Game Boy Player again


My last one broke down and got sold off for parts last summer, and I really miss the system. I was short on cash at the time so I ended up selling all my GameCube games along with it, so my second biggest collecting priority in 2016 is going to be to get a new GameCube with a Game Boy Player and start rebuilding my GameCube collection.



#3. Get a backlit Game Boy & a frontlit Game Boy Color


My favorite systems by far to collect for and play games on are the Game Boy and Game Boy Color, and while I do love playing the games on stock original hardware I've been really itching to enhance my gaming experiences by picking up an original Game Boy with an olive green colored backlight and a biversion chip from http://www.gameboymods.co.uk and a grape colored Game Boy Color with the front light from an AGS-001 GBA SP installed in it by http://www.8bitaesthetics.bigcartel.com


Both of those sites do fantastic work and I know they're not going to be around and producing these modded systems forever, so in 2016 I really want to add a backlit Game Boy and a frontlit Game Boy Color to my collection while I still can. :)

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My goals for 2016... hmmm.


1) Play more. I definitely want to devote more time to playing this stuff.


2) I ordered an Atari 7800 and decided it will be my last console. I have got Odyssey 2 working on my Ouya (as well as the 7800... may not have bought one had I have known it worked). I suppose there is an off chance I might some day attempt to get an Odyssey 2 again, but only, ONLY if that emulator doesn't seem to work. I'm just getting tired of the unreliability of sellers and old hardware in general. My Odyssey 2 I bought on Ebay was an absolute mess... but it was tested, of course. I originally was going to get at least half of the 7800's games, but since emulation worked, I'll likely keep the three "rares" I ordered, get a lot of commons and all the light gun games and SMS gun adapter. I make a special point to get a lot of light gun games, and the 7800 will be no exception. The 7800 library seems ok, not that I've played much, but entirely derivative. So while I may have fun playing the games, it's hard to shell out money when I can use MAME for real arcade versions. But alas, the 8-bit era is my favorite and it's nice to finally put a 7800 beside my NES and SMS... to inevitably collect dust while I emulate their games. Like I said, last retro console. It's kind of cool to end up in the 8-bit era where I started, though.


3) Figure out just how much Steam is going to play a role in my gaming world here on out. A month ago, I finally jumped in and it's fucking insanity. The games are so cheap and they're of such good quality. I already have more games than I could ever play... and I think I just topped my $100 mark. Sounds like a lot of dough, but the Canadian dollar sucks and I had a lot of catching up to do. I'm not saying I don't like playing modern FPS nor can my PC play legit current games, but the diversity and envelope pushing of the retro style to modern ways is being accomplished on there now. It's making me think I will have no need for my 3 up to date, latest consoles of this gen.


4) Make a game. To follow through with point 3, I got RPG Maker Ace for $8 with a ton of other shit, so I'm gonna try to make a game. I'm no RPG expert, but I want to make a batshit crazy game dialog and character wise. If anything, a turn based RPG should be right up my beginner alley, I just have to be creative with words and not gameplay.


5) Continue supporting Indiebox, which will be the only physical games I really buy after the 7800 stuff. The next game I receive from them after two stellar titles will be one I have absolutely no idea what to expect from and it's kind of part of the fun of it, I knew I'd get games like that when I signed up. Now, I also wanted to try these weird games. So playing the weird stuff I'm unfamiliar with is also a goal of mine.


6) Have fun with it. With all major collecting in my rearview mirror, I want to enjoy the fruits of so many years of collecting and making my various emulation devices (iCade for quick arcade action, Ouya for multipurpose action, Visual Pinball cabinet for pinball and also does retro games on the Tankstick). The best thing about being done collecting and having all the crap is you don't gotta worry about collecting any more.


7) Figure out how to make a USB stick work with my Ouya when I need a 10 foot extension cord.

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I'll have a new house with official family sanctioned fun room. My goal is to expand sound and video support there and decorate. Currently I have a mame kiosk and shelf then some systems in another room. Pretty excited about 2016 in general. Relocating back to Buffalo and getting a nice comfy space.

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Between moving and having a baby my collection got dramatically downsized and neglected. Sold off my Amiga 500 that was collecting dust, plus the 2600jr, Intellivision and XEGS -- all that remains is the 7800.


Goal number one is to keep what I have from getting too dusty. The 7800 is out on the entertainment center in the living room, easy enough to hook up and use (sadly there wasn't enough space in the new entertainment center to store any games) just gotta keep it from getting all dusty.


Goal number two is to find some time to enjoy some games. There is nothing like having an infant to make you understand how important time management is. That puts playing Ms. Pac Man or Tower Toppler pretty much at the bottom of the list.


Goal number three is to buy a new homebrew or two. Several new ones I have been anticipating came out and there are a few more older ones I'd like to get. In general short of a great find in the wild or on CL I am not buying anything old at this point. I'd rather support the talented homebrewers on AA by buying their games. Every now and then I check eBay and invariably everything on my watch list looks like the same exact listings and sellers from a month or two earlier.

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2016 Collecting goals? Hmmmmm......



1) Complete my educational software collection for the TI-99/4A (difficulty: 4/10)


2) Join the '100 of 125 CIB' club for the Intellivision (difficulty: ??/10)


3) Complete my 2600 Activision cartridge collection (difficulty: 2/10)


4) Obtain boxes and manuals for all my Funware games for the TI-99/4A (difficulty: 9/10)


5) Earn/Obtain a Christmas Carol vs. the Ghost of Christmas Presents Patch (difficulty: ??/10)




Mostly, I want to refine my collection into a more focused showroom. Right now I have programming manuals, random cartridges and systems laying around, no real focus to the displays. I need to harness the power of the Kraken and open up a can of W/A on my unfolded lawnchair of a dungeon.

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I'm also looking to add more C64/Amiga CIB games to the collection. Hopefully.

I've got 2-3 large Tupperware bins full of boxed Amiga games I'm looking to sell or trade for Amiga games I "need". Have some nice stuff too, like Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Sword of Sodan, Pinball Illusions, Pinball Dreams and much more.


Hit me up if interested!

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Collection wise in 2016, continue scaling back my 2600 collection and focus on actually playing the games and systems I have left. Purchase new homebrews too of course, for systems like the Jaguar, Intv, 2600/7800, Vectrex and TI. Oh and continue to passively add to my massive boxed Amiga collection. Have over 765 of the damn things now. :lol:


May sell my very last C64 system too as it simply doesn't get the use it should. Two systems actually, one boxed/mint with disk drives, printers, EasyFlash, uIEC in 1541 style case, power supply saver, etc. Too nice a setup to just be sitting.

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I'll need to figure something out. 2016 will be a year of simplifying, re-focusing, and liquidating. I'm pretty sure I already have more games than I'll ever be able to play in this lifetime (thanks largely to a massive amount of insanely cheap PS2, X-Box, and XB360 games, along with Humble Bundle and GOG). Probably focus more on those, and liquidating most of the vintage console and PC stuff I currently have sitting around. Here's what I'll shift focus to vintage wise:


Sega Master System: I would really like to pick up one of these, along with a few of the games I'm always playing on the AtGames handheld I have.

Super Nintendo: Pick up the 5-6 games I remember renting from the local video store as a kid that I'm currently missing. Also pick up a nicer SNES console and controllers.

Raspberry Pi & PC: See what I can do with some tiny computers and all of those GOG/Humble Bundle purchases. I'm looking to stick all of the games on one and hook it up to a giant HD-TV. Should be fun to play with.


Other than that, I'll probably get rid of most of everything else that is pre-1995. I've tried out a TON of stuff the last 5-10 years (C64/128, Tandy Color Computer, Genesis, Odyssey, Odyssey 2, TI-99/4A, Pentium & earlier PC, Atari ST, Atari 8-Bit, Intellivision, etc.), and honestly, I've found that these three options are enough to satisfy most of my retro gaming for a long while. There is such a HUGE backlog of cheap games and systems available, it's almost ludicrous. I mean, I actually PASSED on complete $20 Wii system a week ago.

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Hm, this seems like a good enough question. So now for my stupid list:


1: Get more games in general. My NES collection hasn't expanded for two months, my SNES collection hasn't expanded for a year or two, my Genesis collection has less than ten cartridges, the Sharp X1/X68000 could use some more software as I find that I'm just using the X1 Twin as a PC Engine for when I don't want to walk to my CRT, and the X68000 is just Cameltry at this point. I would also love to find Compucolor 8001 software, but that is something that I'm highly doubting that I will do as the one time I've got the 8-track cartridges and floppies and stuff was when I bought the computer.


2: Find an Intellivision. Christmas Carol has been fun, and I'm a fan of Night Stalker on my 2600 so I wouldn't mind an Intellivision copy.


3: Find a 5200. I have a 600XL so I could just use that, but I've acquired the PSU, Switchbox, Two controllers (I was told they're working but I cleaned the board and gave the dots foil tape just in case) and games. At this point I figure I may as well find a decent-priced console that works and try the system out to figure if I like it or not.


4: Fix up the Apple II+ since I don't think I'll be finding my RAM chips this year.


5: Get homebrews (maybe this fits up in #1, I dunno). I've been sitting around watching a bunch of sweet homebrews come and go, and I slap myself in the head every time that I pass one up that looks nice. I figure at this point that I need to just hop on board and grab a few, as I don't want to keep doing said head-slapping.


So yeah, those are my general goals. I'm sure more will pop up, but those will come at a later date.

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Enjoying reading everyone's responses...


My goals are to buy less and play more. 2015 was all about setting up my home gaming arrangement the way I liked it, and now that it's almost complete, I need to spend less time worrying about collecting and spend a lot more time gaming. Flash carts are a boon, but with great power comes great responsibility.

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Collecting goal #1: revamp the setup


Not as major as previous revisions, but I need to get a LCD tv in there for modern systems. Most of this is rearranging my closet to make room for my CRT. I won't be able to have both out, but I know I'll want it for when I have more space.


Goal #2: get a PS4


Pretty straightforward- the games I want are out, I need to get one. (It's part of the reason I need the new tv!)




I doubt I'll get everything I'm after- that'd be pricey- but there are a few more systems I'd like to add to my set. An original Gameboy, a PSONE with the screen, a Yukievision... plus the pipe dreams of an Oddessey,a Vectrex, and a Saturn. Barring an amazing find in the wild, those aren't really in my price range.

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what are your collecting goals and stuff you like to add in your game room?


Hi Keith,


Excellent topic and I would like to contribute what I would like to accomplish for the new year. :)


Its going to be mostly Neo-Geo. Cartridges that I would like to finish is my Samurai Shodown collection by trying to purchase a JPN Samurai Spirits Zero Special (fixed or unfixed version). Next I would like to get the following


Matrimelee (AES)

Mahjong Kyo Retsuden (AES)

Mahjong Sakatonosama (AES)

Mutation Nation (AES)

Baseball Stars 2 (AES)

An Omega CMVS unit

A new Supergun




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My heavy hitters are Nintendo DS, PS1, and GameCube (what little there is left for me to buy on that one).


I also need to find a copy of waku waku 7 for my Neo geo mvs.


Dev equipment and repairs are high in the list. I just fixed my Nitro Capture system so that now the gba slot works properly, along with the DS slot that already worked. Unfortunately my Panasonic Q repairs couldn't fix a faulty drive. But at least I got my money back, well most of it.


I'm thinking of getting back into n64, but the prices are scaring me off it for now. I need to find a reasonable deal before I'll bite.

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