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N64 HSC: Who's with me?

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Looking through the N64 library, I see a lot of titles that can be doable in an HSC. But I fear that not many people have the more obscure titles I'm talking about. But then I thought I had an N64 emulator once, so I don't know. Does anyone want to see an HSC for the N64?
I thought about the Dreamcast one, but I'd think more people would opt for an N64 one given the fact that an N64 emulator is more feasible than a Dreamcast one.

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Im down too.. N64 is one of my all-time favorites and probably played that console the most from launch over any other console. I have an EverDrive 64 v2.5 so I could play any game you all want. What games do you have in mind? I always usually played Mario64, Zelda Oot, Zelda Majora's Mask, Goldeneye, San Fransisco RUSH, etc.. those aren't really your typical high score type games. A Dreamcast HSC would still be cool too.

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