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Free - NES Advantage - New in Box


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I've got a brand new NES Advantage - New in the box, no idea why I have two... I'm fine with the one I have hooked up, so if anyone wants it. It's yours.


First person to PM me with your name and mailing address gets it.


I only ask that you reimburse me for shipping.




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It's definitely more surprising.



Yeah, I mean... I do have a reason also.



The people watching the Marketplace are looking to buy and sell. In addition, the people looking in that thread and who have it "watched" are also looking for free stuff. There's certainly nothing wrong with that, but who's to say those watching that thread aren't turning around and selling the free stuff they get. When I go into the forums, I KNOW that I'm getting someone who's an enthusiast. If I wanted the stuff to be sold, I'd do it myself.


I mean, I realize I'm not giving away gold bars or anything... haha... but still.

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It should be fine to go slightly off-Topic here... How does the NES Advantage compare to the Mega Drive arcade stick? I have one of those original 3 Buttons, just becuase I found a mega drive with one for a decent Price, with all original cables, so I got it. I expected it to be kinda bad to be sincere, but even though it's no modern full japanese parts stick, it's actually precise and feels very good playing shooter games. Is the NES Advantage also like that?

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